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when creating a project, the window is blank


When I try to create a new project the window is blank and I cant see anything. If I hoover the mouse I can see the folder is there

Any suggestions please?


Hello and welcome to our community!

Are you using Pix4Dmapper? And if so, which version?

Please make sure you have the minimum hardware requirements:

Please also make sure your graphics card drivers are updated.

If the error persists, please send us a screenshot that highlights the issue so that we can better understand the case.

Hi there,

Thanks for getting back to me. The computer has the minimum hardware requirements and the graphics card drivers are up to date. What it is strange is that it only happens when I try to create a new project.
The version I have installed is V4.6.4 on Pix4Dmapper



Thanks for your reply.

I am sorry to hear about the issue you get with starting the software.
Do you get any error messages? If so, please send us a screenshot of the error. Or a screenshot of what you see.

Could you please follow the instructions my colleague Pierangelo mentions here and let us know if the error persists?

We look forward to your response.

Hi Christina,

There is no error code displayed, it simply has a blank screen as attached. I’ll follow up with Perangelo



Hi @Pierangelo_Rothenbuhler

I am having issues with creating a new project in which the screen is blank and there is no error message. Jpeg attached
I use windows 10 and all drivers are updated and hardware requirements.
Have you seen it before, I don’t seem to be able to see this in any forum.
Also any suggestions?



thanks for sharing the screenshot.

Are you accessing the computer remotely (via TeamViewer or other apps?)

Did you try to uninstall and install the software again as recommended in the above-mentioned post?

Hi Christina

The actual software is in my brother laptop, I logged in remotely to make sure all drivers are updated.

Yes, he uninstall the app a couple of times and had the same issue after installing it again


Hi Ramon,

I believe this is a hardware issue. Please log out from the laptop and login again to another machine.

Let us know if you get the same issue.

Hi Cristina

The laptop has well above the minimum computer requirements.
iCore 5 @2.53GHz, 4Gb RAM, 250Gb C: Drive

I am not convinced the reason for that bug is due to resources limitations.



Hi Ramon,

Please try to activate it on a new machine and let us know if the issue persists. This will help us further investigate.
Also, 4GB of RAM is the bare minimum and should be used only for very small projects of low-resolution images.

Looking forward to hearing from you

I can confirm this issue as well, with Pix4D (discovery mode), on a system with 500gb SSD, 32 CPU @ 3.5 Ghz (skylake), and Windows 10. New Project → completely blank screen.

Hi Scott,

Could you please send us a screenshot that highlights the problem?
Please make sure your GPU drivers are updated.
Are you accessing the computer remotely (via TeamViewer or other apps)?

Hi there,

I am having this issue to. I am connected to our processing computer in the office remotely from home. Specs
The GPU on the computer is a GTX 1080, so more than enough to run the program.


Welcome to the Pix4D Community!
Could you please check if the drivers of your GTX 1080 are up to date? In some circumstances, this can cause some issues. If necessary, please download the relative driver from here Download Drivers | NVIDIA.
Let me know if this helps to solve your issue.


I am having the exact same issues. Blank New Project Screen. It ran fine yesterday when I was onsite. I have run it historically via Remote Desktop when I am not onsite. No issues until today. Remote Desktop in, Create new Project. New project screen blank. I have tested on three different laptops, all of which far exceed the minimum requirements, and all of which are up to date for drivers, etc. This is frustrating to say the least, since it appears to have happened immediately after the software updated.

It is definitely an issue (at least for me) with the update to version 4.6.4. I rolled the install back to an earlier version and I am having no issues now. That said - the need to roll back to earlier versions in order to use the software ( I have verified that ALL drivers are up to date) represents an issue that should be addressed.


Have in mind we do not test Pix4DMapper for remote access, and thus we do not officially support it.
For more information have a look at this article: