Will you be supporting the Mavic Air

Hello Pix4D. As I mentioned in the title any plans?


Hi Cesar,

Thank you for the suggestion. At the moment we do not have any news about DJI Mavic Air support.

I will, however, forward this request to the project manager in order to take it into consideration.



Another vote for Mavic Air support as soon as possible! This drone’s small size makes it seem like it would be the ideal mapping solution for many applications that are critical to my mission - below forest canopy, for example.


Please support mavic air. This is a revolution drone. thanks.


Another vote for Mavic Air support

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Where does Mavic Air support stand?

I mean, I can’t imagine that they might not be supporting it; literally all other DJI models are there. It would seem to me that the question is more one of timing. I’ll be headed back into the field soon, and would really love to be able to take the Air instead of the Phantom!

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Another vote for the Mavic Air. Forward, down and rear object detection makes it equal in safety to the other DJI products and the 4k sensor matches that of the Mavic Pro and other phantom models. 



Also vote adding for support the Mavic Air!

I would love to have my new Mavic Air supported by PIX4D! Thx!

+1 for mavic air!!

Mavic air +1

It’s an amazing drone!!!

Please support Mavic Air

Yes please! +1 for the Mavic Air support asap!

Yes please add the mavic air! +1 for the Mavic Air support asap!

please support us on change.org, bring back the waypoint feature so other developers can activate it in their apps https://www.change.org/p/dji-mavic-air-mavic-air-is-a-drone-capable-of-flying-waypoints-but-dji-has-decided-to-remove-this-featur

 Sheeeesh… how much longer?    Spark but no Air?


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Please support Mavic Air. We need easy mobille with small drone for our mapping mission

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Hi all, thank you very much for your contributions.

Our understanding is that DJI’s Mavic Air does not support waypoint mission planning at this time, so it is not possible for Pix4Dcapture to upload waypoints for automated missions. I understand your desire to capture images with a compact drone but, without waypoint functionality, we are unable to integrate. I found an excerpt of DJI’s official statement on the matter, which is copied below for your reference.

“In regards to Waypoints. Currently, the Mavic Air does not feature the WayPoints mode. Based on user feedback, we decided to omit this feature for a few reasons, the main one being that Waypoints was not used as frequently as many of the other modes. Removing it allowed for additional functionality while streamlining the overall experience operating the Mavic Air. However, we will continue to listen to our customers and if the request for Waypoints increases, we have the ability to enable it via a firmware update.”

I am confident that you letting DJI know that you are interested in the DJI Mavic Air supporting waypoints will have more impact than us letting them know on your behalf, so please consider letting DJI know about your interest in planning automated flights with your DJI Mavic Air.

We will consider including the DJI Mavic Air in Pix4Dcapture if it supports waypoints in the future. In the meantime, please let us know if you have reason to believe that DJI’s Mavic Air supports waypoints.

Hi Andrew,

According to an e-mail from the DJI development team copied in this thread on the DJI forums, while waypoint missions aren’t an option for end-users to configure, the SDK for developers will allow third-party apps to incorporate waypoint missions. If that turns out to be true, am I to understand that you would support the Mavic Air?

Even in the absence of waypoints, it would seem that it would be possible to operate the Mavic Air using the “Free-flight” mode in Pix4DCapture. Would that be an option that Pix4D would consider?