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Mavic Mini: will support grid mission?

Hi everyone.
I will be interested to buy a new Mavic Mini… DO you think will support the grid/double grid mission or like the Spark, just Manual?


Hi, The Mavic Mini is not supported by Pix4Dcapture at the moment and it is currently not in our pipeline to support it. However, your interest has been shared with the developer’s team and any update will be published at our Pix4Dcapture supported drone and camera page: Supported drones, cameras and controllers.


Thanks 4reply. I think it will be very interesting, not just for me, but all the technician.
It’s the only drone that could go over people/in the city from 2020 with the 249g of weight…
Hope to see it soon, good work to the team.

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Any update regarding this? We would love to buy a few because of the size/weight and because the fall under better regulations in our country so we can use them more often, but we need support for Pix4Dcapture :slight_smile:

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Hi All,

So far the drone has just been released so we need to evaluate if we will support it with Pix4Dcapture. In any case, DJI needs to provide an SDK that would enable third-party apps like Pix4Dcapture to be able to support the Mavic Mini, which is not the case for the moment.
We have also shared your interest with the developer’s team and any update will be published at our Pix4Dcapture supported drone and camera page: Supported drones, cameras and controllers .


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Hello Kapil. I work for a residential solar energy provider. Please consider supporting the mini. At the moment we have a couple of engineers flying Mavics. If Pix4D would support the mini we would quadruple our fleet as every sales person would carry its own mini.

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Hi Everyone,

Thank you for your feedback. I would also recommend going to our feature request/suggestion page and providing the vote to the feature you want. You can vote for the feature request by clicking the vote icon at the top left corner of the page as shown in the figure below.


Greetings from the Dominican Republic I am an architect and I just tried Mavic mini manual mode in photogrammetry please we want this product in the list in which it is manual mode pix4dcapture

saludos de república dominicana soy arquitecto y acabo de probar de modo manual mavic mini en fotogrametria por favor queremos este producto en la lista en que sea modo manual pix4dcapture

hay una gran cantidad de personas que estamos esperando este drone dentro de pix4dcapture sabemos que dji no a dado sdk asi mismo le eh escrito a soporte dji… pero por favor queremos que nos tomen en cuenta … ya que su producto en nuestro pais es el numero uno como programa tanto como pix4dcature como pix4dmapper . en que sea modo manual.

There are a lot of people who are waiting for this drone within pix4dcapture. We know that dji has not given sdk so I have written to support dji … but please we want to be taken into account … since your product in our country is the number one as a program as much as pix4dcature as pix4dmapper. in that it is manual mode.

Hi Javier,

Thank you for your feedback, for now it is on-hold as no DJI mobile SDK that would enable third-party applications like Pix4Dcapture to support this drone has been provided by DJI.

As mentioned by Kapil, don’t forget to vote for the Mavic Mini support. Be reassured that every votes/feedback are considered by the Product Owner for future development of our app.


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greetings I bought mavic mini and I liked a lot of real estate work I use the orthophoto for my presentations we will support you to add mavic mini to pix4dee

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Hi @tatianamedinaguzman,
If you want to give more vote to the support of the Mavic Mini, please vote here:



saludos feliz navidad a todo el equipo de soporte de pix4d a continuacion apoyando la causa de tema de mavic mini + pix4dcapture le dejo este ensayo que hice ortofoto

greetings merry christmas to all the pix4d support team below supporting the cause of mavic mini + pix4dcapture theme I leave this essay I did orthophoto

Stay tuned: SDK for Mavic Mini is coming to…

Hi @Antonio_Anelli,

Thank you for the sharing!
As mentioned in your article:

The DJI Mavic Mini is expected to support SDK in April 2020 including WSDK, MSDK.

Stay tuned!

But you are DJI partner, isn’t it?

We are not a DJI partner. We support DJI products but there is no official agreement.
We are part of Parrot Group!


Ok, but be aware: there are a lot of messages about Mavic Mini issues!