DJI's New Mavic Pro

Will the mapping app be available for the Mavic Pro?

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Hi Steve,

The Mavic drone has just come out. To be supported by third-party apps like Pix4Dcapture, the drone needs a SDK that is provided by DJI to develop the app using specific tools. At the moment, the SDK of this drone is not available for developing but as soon as it will be, our team will work on it to see whether and how Mavic can be supported.


Has any progress been made on this?

Add me to the list of interested folks. Also if there is any test data collected from this sensor yet, please post and opinions.

Pix4d Support is this available yet? I am looking to buy a Mavick soon when available and i really want this functionality.

Yes i too would love the Mavic to work with Pix4d. For my work this would be an amazing step forward as the Mavic is so small and i sometime shave to hike a far distance with my P3 pro to undertake work.

Hello everyone, 

DJI just released SDK 3.4 that supports Mavic for the first time! 

This SDK is ncecessary to develop apps using specific tools.

Our team will start working on it to make DJI Mavic supported by Pix4Dcapture on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, we are not able to give a precise time frame for the support of DJI Mavic at the moment, probably by the end of November or beginning of December.


Best Regards, 

+1. Also interested and looking forward to any additional updates

Hi all,

We will add you to our list of testers and send you the procedure by email to test the coming beta app supporting the Mavic.


Hey can you add me too?? I just bought one and I wanna do some 3D models
And another question does my trial start even if I haven’t download the desktop app??

Please add us as well. We are getting 4 of the units and need to do some 2D mapping in preparation for a test. 

Glad you posted on 11/4/16 that your team is STARTING WORK to make the DJI Mavic supported by Pix4Dcapture on Android and iOS. 

I’m ready to buy a DJI Mavic, but want to be sure that the Mavic is capable of using your software.  Can you give me some assurances that there are not any known problems that would prohibit the Mavic from being supported.  Back on 9/28/16 you posted that that you were tying to figure out “whether and how Marvic can be supported.”  Have things changed since 9/28/16?  Are you far enough along now to know that you will be supporting DJI’s Mavic?  I don’t mind if it’s a matter of time before it will be implemented.  I just need to know that you will support it sometime in the future.

Thank you!

I’d like to be added as a tester as well, please!

-Lt. Danny Feldman

Can I be added as a tester as well please?



Hi all,

We added your email addresses to our list so that you will receive an email when the beta app supporting the Mavic is ready.

@ David
When we talked about supporting the Mavic, it was related to the app, Pix4Dcapture. Earlier in September, we did not know if we would support it with our app or not. As for the software, Pix4D desktop, it is compatible with any drones and any cameras. We will obviously add the Mavic camera to our database as soon as we could do enough testing with the calibration to facilitate the camera optimization during step 1.


Hola, estoy interesado en probar la beta para DJI Mavic, quiero comprar este avión no tripulado para mi tesis


Hi, I’m interested in trying the beta for dji mavic, I want to buy this drone for my thesis


Please add us also for testing of Mavic program. 

Looking forward to using your software, been using the mavic for a bit now, and would like to compare to my surveys, thanks

Used the Mavic on 3 construction sites now.

Have now used the software on 3 projects now, results matched our survey volumes perfectly! Looking forward to the app update to grid the projects to minimize the photos taken. Will be purchasing the Pix4D!!

I’d like to be a beta tester for Mavic as well.