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DJI Mavic Support

Will the Mavic be supported soon with the Capture App?  Will the narrower field of view on the Mavic increase flight lines in accordance?

Looking for an everyday “pocket” drone I can have in my arsenal of tools from RTK GPS to robotic total stations, digital levels, metal detectors, shovels, and hammers.

Just passed the part 107 unmanned certificate if anyone wants to collaborate.

Hi Timothy,

Thank you fro your interest in our products.

DJI just released SDK 3.4 that supports Mavic for the first time. This SDK is necessary to develop apps using specific tools. Our team will start working on it to make DJI Mavic supported by Pix4Dcapture on Android and iOS. Unfortunately, we are not able to give a precise time frame for the support of DJI Mavic at the moment, probably by the end of November or beginning of December.

We added you to our list of app testers, you will soon receive an email with the procedure to get the beta app supporting the DJI Mavic.


That’s great - I am waiting too.



I’d be interested in testing a version of the app that works with the Mavic as well.  Also, any chance Pix4D will support the Parrot Disco eventually?  I know this is not really marketed as a mapping drone, but it would be great for my courses (I am an educator). 





MAVIC as a photogrammetry tool?

Now I’m looking for redundancy in my set up. If… … … when, I crash my Inspire1, I dont want to wait for 2 weeks to get repairs done. I want a second drone as a backup right away. The technology develops so fast that it doesn’t make much sense to get another Inspire 1 as a back up (even thou I got much invested in I1 setup). Perhaps I1 will become the backup.

I’m concerned about the “point to focus” MAVIC feature. I may lose the necessary detail. I also wander, even if it does properly focus in the center, the objects further or closer will be out of focus. This makes me doubt MAVIC as a suitable tool for photogrammetry. 

Right now I’m using Inspire 1. I have x3 and x5 camera. Interestingly enough x3 is my preferred camera for photogrammetry, even thou it has smaller sensor and lower resolution then x5.

  1. x3 has a fixed focus and is always sharp. x5 more then once came in with totally out of focus set. Even when x5 properly focuses, the objects at distance form center loose detail.
  2. x3 allowes effectively 3.5 minutes more on the mission then x5.
  3. x3 field of view is wider then x5 (for better overlap).

Phantom 4pro with 1" sensor and 20mp camera, double flight time over Inspire 1 seams to be the choice. It is not fixed focus though. That makes me wander if it is suitable.
Inspire 2…, based on my experience with x3 and x5 camera, Inspire 2 doesnt seam to offer any advantage for photogrammetry over Ph4pro.

I wonder what you think, what flying camera is ideal for Pix4d?

P.S. cant wait to read what people think about it