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Mavic 2 Pro and zoom support

Will you be supporting the Pro and Zoom models?  Do you see any issues using an electronic shutter vs the mechanical shutter found in the P4P?


I know of at least 10 people in San Diego that also would like to know if/when the Mavic 2 series may be supported.


Thank you Pix4D




Hey Pix4D users! Glad to see you are excited about how the new Mavic can be used with Pix4D. So am I. I cannot give you a specific timeline for how quickly the Mavic 2 models can be integrated for use with Pix4D Capture. It can take longer or shorter depending on the technical limitations of the DJI SDK for example. But your opinion helps us to prioritize which drones to integrate so I will pass on your comments to our capture team. 

Both electronic and mechanical shutters can exhibit linear rolling shutter distortion and yea I have heard from colleagues that were at the event that both models will have linear rolling electronic shutters. This is not optimal for mapping as it tends to be more prone to pixel displacement distortion than a mechanical global shutter. That is not to say that it will not be used for mapping. Usually, this just means that you have to fly slower, and with the extended flight time of the Mavic 2 this may not be such an issue. 

Something else to consider about the new Mavics would be that I expect the Pro model to be better for mapping than the zoom for a few reasons. The first is that the fixed focal length of the Pro model will reduce the variation in internal physical parameters relative to the zoom model. This may result in higher accuracy models and improved step 1 calibration. Another benefit of the pro is the larger resolution sensor. 20MP provides more data and will produce higher GSD models than the lower resolution sensor of the zoom model.

Personally, I’m still holding out for the Phantom 4 Pro RTK or Phantom 5 for a mapping specific drone but these still look promising. 


Hi Holden,

Could you just tell me if the Mavic 2 Pro will fly under Pix4D Capture with one of the Mavic configurations?

Thanks in advance.

André Verville

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From my recent research, I have found that rolling shutter can be a problem, but is rectified by flying slower.  Do not change any of your camera settings or zoom while capturing your images.  Pix4D has a rolling shutter algorithm to remove that, from what I have been told.  The Mavic 2 Pro will create a “prettier” looking image because of the 10 bit color.  Rolling shutter could/should be removed using their algorithm.  Even when flying with a P4P that has a mechanical shutter, you should still slow down for best image results.  The slower, or brief stop in flight, to take a picture is always better no matter what you are using.

Hopefully someone will be able to share a nice map they have created with the M2P to confirm my answer :slight_smile:

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Thanks “Eye”!  From our own experience with DSLR imagery involving a focal plane shutter, the same type of displacement than rolling shutter can be experienced and no, Pix4D rolling shutter correction does not apply correctly to this specific case. The effect shows up with our imagery taken from a Cessna aircraft flying at 40 m/s. Traditional air photography had FMC (forward motion compensation) mechanical corrections on the camera for that but we have designed something that applies to the imagery itself, included now in our batch geocoding/pre-processing suite. Tricky but working. We’ll see if we eventually use the Mavic 2 Pro Hasselblad camera if a similar algorithm is required. See but sorry, only in French :frowning:

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Thanks Andre!  That is interesting…I may have to get my hands on a M2P myself to test this out!

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How was the result of this M2P with Pix4DCapture ? Anyone have tested yet?

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It is hard right now because it isn’t officially supported and makes the process tedious.  Everything will have to manually uploaded.  I’m interested to see the results too!


Hey Andre. It should likely have its own profile in Pix4D Capture.

Many thanks!

Looking forward to Pix4D Capture supporting the Mavic 2 Pro.  I really want to deploy the new Mavic for field investigations where I have to go cross country.  It will help to limit the amount and weight of equipment I’m shuttling to and from the airport.

Kind regards!

Please add me to the hundreds of others who want Mavic 2 Pro support for Pix4D. I manually flew a tiny mission trying to guess at overlap. Just 8 images (missed one which would have made it a 3x3 grid). uploaded to Pix4D and was actually surprised as to how well it did. the i combined it with a POI circle, manually taking pictures and it did a pretty good 3D model.


3D Model:


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Hey Brady. That does look good for only 8 images. Keep in mind that the camera model is not yet included in the Pix4D camera database so you may find that results improve further by following the perspective lens calibration procedure shown in the link below. 

Dear @Holden (Pix4D), it would be fantastic to have soon Pix4D Capture support for the new  Mavic 2 Pro with the Hasselblad sensor!

The best and thank you in advance

Hey @Brady, any chance you could share a few of the raw images that you took, I am particularly interested in an image that looks straight down and has shadows and full sunlight in it.


You model looks really good for just flying around without the app working with it yet!

nadir image sample:

[edit] That didn’t work very well… Can’t download… Need a better temporary image share.

Well Holden, it looks like the Mavic 2 Pro is not yet in the list. I don’t see it. I tried to connect with my new M2P received yesterday and although it connects to the drone telling Capture to use the Mavic Pro settings, the check list cannot be cleared.

Anxiously waiting for M2P support! @Holden, it’s possible to map with Pix4Dcapture and manually upload? Is there a tutorial for this? much thanks.