Processing always stop/ loop/ stalled

Dear Sir/Madam,

Hi. I was trying to re-optimize my point cloud after inserting two more MTPs into it,

So I go for the re-optimize process and it just stops at a progress and never continue,

Actually I am having this problem in all processing options. Sometimes they loop at the calibration process which it calibrate again and again and never proceed to the next stage.

I have attached a picture in this question and I hope someone can help me with this.

Thank you so much.  

Hi Lung Chun Po,

At the moment I cannot tell you what is going on.

Could you share with us your quality report and your *.log file?

You can upload them here:

Having a look on this files, we might be able to understand the origin of the issue and help you to solve it.


Having the same problems in a couple of projects. Stalls during the ‘Calibrate’ stage at a certain percent and never continues.

Hi @nathans,

As my friend mentioned above, we would need to check your files to give further recommendations.

Could you also share with us your quality report and your *.log file? You can upload it here on our Community.


The process bombs during Step 1 so there is not a Quality report.

Hi @nathans,

Could you please share with us a printscreen or anything that could allow us to understand what is going on?
Which version are you using?
Could you share your *.log file directly here?

Thank you,

Sure thing. This same project has stalled on two different computers now. First time at 98%, this time at 54% (been at that % for 36 hours).

Hi @nathans,

During the calibration process, we utilise the NVIDIA processing power. Are you using an NVIDIA graphics card? If positive, could you check whether the drivers up to date? More in How to update the NVIDIA graphic card That could be one of the reasons for slow processing. To better recognise the problem, we would need to have a look at your .log file.

NVIDIA graphics card on a nice computer.

I don’t consider it as a big issue but you can update your driver from 3102 to the latest one which is 3194.

To continue with troubleshooting, please send us the .log file.

Here is the log file. Eventually (after trying 4 times it processed) but crashes everytime producing a quality report.

Hi @nathans,

Where is your log?
Could you please upload it using this option when replying?

If your file is too big could you upload it here? OneDrive

Thank you!

Looks like it is too large. Going into One Drive.


The total number of images you have is 19 657. The calibration process was ongoing for two days. I don’t see in the .log file the moment when it stopped working; maybe it did only in the interface. I would suggest you divide the dataset per subprojects, process them separately and merge at the later stage. By following this workflow, you will have control over each step of processing and your results.

Yes I attempted this as well. Created sub projects which each individually have good results. When merged the results are quite poor, even with adding many MTPs.

Can you add more RAM to your system? You’re hitting up to 93% RAM utilization, which could be the reason it’s failing. Try going to 128GB.

Also, check out this article from Puget Systems, which discusses terrible performance using Quadro video cards and Pix4D. There’s a simple setting change you need to make in the NVIDIA control panel.

Hope this helps.

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Uploaded another project log to Onedrive. Stalling at 0% ‘computing matches’ for a lengthy time. Seems as though ANY project over 5000 pictures fails continuously

Ran project with GCPs poor results. Added MTPs poor results. Added more MTPs poor results. Added more MTPs and re-ran Step 1. Stalled at 0% computing matches.

Ran the same project in UASmaster. Good results.

Uploaded a video titled Pix4D_Loop. Where the software is stuck in calibrate over and over and over. This has happened quite a few times now.

Hi @nathans

Honestly, it’s the first time I see such behaviour. However, could you tell me more about how you are processing your data? How many images are you processing in this project? I see that there is also a processing area. Just the Map View looks unusual to me.

The X7 camera is a little funny I wouldn’t worry about that. Processing area is in the NW corner. Very strange indeed.