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Initial Processing Stops during 'Computing Keypoints'

Trying to go through the initial processing step with my project and looks like during the ‘Computing Keypoints’ step, it seems as though its just “hanging” at a certain point. I tried splitting the images, meaning just processing half of the total images taken of the project and it still hangs during computing keypoints. 

Any suggestions with this?

I looked at the log of the project I started yesterday, came in this morning and it was hanging on computing keypoints. You can see the log where I killed the program so I can restart and the time between was more than 12 hours.

Let me know where I can send the log file. 

Thank you for your help and time.

Hi Nes,

I’ll follow up with you in the ticket which you sent to the Technical Support Team. I’ll post here a solution as soon as we discover the cause.



Is there any update to this?
I have been having the same issue. Usually force stopping Pix4D and starting again helps, but on my current project I can’t get past computing keypoints no matter what I try.

Hi Willem,

First, ensure that your graphics card is updated. If you have NVIDIA GPU, please download the newest driver from the NVIDIA website. Reprocess the project. If it doesn’t work, disable your CUDA capable device in the Resources and Notification tab in the Processing Options window. Reprocess again. Let me know how it works.


Thanks for they reply.

If I update my NVIDIA driver I end up with a whole new array of PC issues unfortunately. I tried disabling the GPU, which stopped the issue of Pix4D hanging while processing, however it ended up corrupting abut 10% of my photos during initial processing . Fortunately I had the original images backed up, so was able to start over, but again I ended up with corrupted photos on the second attempt as well…

I then went back to enabling the GPU and processed again, this time it all worked.

I’m guessing it must be an NVIDIA driver issue.


Hi Willem,

Thank you for the updates. 

It is not expected to have any issues after updating the NVIDIA driver. If still, you are experiencing some problems with it I would advise you to check the system or even contact NVIDIA Support. Regarding the processing in Pix4Dmapper and NVIDIA compatibility; we have noticed that this issue is pretty random. From our end, it was even hard to reproduce all the cases. However, soon our team is going to release a new version which includes the fix for that software hang/freeze. I would advise you to follow Pix4D Desktop preview and technical release notes. Within one month, the new version should be ready to download.