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Version 4.4.12 Crashing issues



I am having issues when I process any stages on 4.4.12. At the end of stage 1 the program often crashes and shuts down, sometimes with saved results from the step and sometimes without.

I have recently attempted to create a point cloud for a large project (3000 images) and this has taken approx. 26 hours to reach the end of stage 2. Again the program crashes and annoyingly this time the results were not saved. 

Can anyone suggest a solution to these issues?

Many thanks



I have been having the same problems. I processed 2500 images the other day. It took three attempts to get it done, taking me almost three days of processing.

Last night I set another project processing and as far as I can see it almost finished generating the point cloud, then it crashed. I have never had these problems before but its killing me now with clients ringing me looking for information. 

In the latest crash I can load the point cloud in the software, but it has not output the .las file so I cannot use it. Looks like I will be starting over again.

Is there a way of rolling back a version? I didn’t seem to be having these issues a few weeks ago.

Hi Adam,

As you have already created the support ticket, we are looking at it. If there is anything important, then I will share it to this post later.

Hi Colin,

You could download the lower version of Pix4Dmapper HERE. The previous version is located at the lower part of the webpage.

I just want to be added to the customer list of crashing issues with this version.  It happens specifically when dense matching begins.

Same here - crashing at end of Step 1 for a large (8000 image) project with GCP.

Split project into 4 x 2000 image sub projects

Processed through Step 1 individually

Added MTP

Reoptimized each, generated quality reports

Merged 2 x 2, leaving me with 2 x 4000 image sub projects

Reoptimized each, generated quality reports

Now when merging the 2 x 4000 image sub projects - it crashes every time when it gets to: Generate Quality Report (orthomosaic) [group 1]. It just sits on 0% for an hour and a half then crashes.

However, the last line in the log says: Generate Quality Report (orthomosiac) [group 1] done in 01h:22m… but there is no report. 


Also - why does the software delete the previously generated quality reports in the sub project folders after they are merged? This is really annoying behavior. 

I was told to reduce the key points image scale to 1/2 to help with the crashing issue. I have never had any trouble up until now with crashing using the exact same settings I am currently using. I dont think that is what is causing the issue.

Hi All, 

I would recommend you to create the support ticket so that we can further investigate the issue. Please don’t forget to attach the log files, quality report, .p4d files with the support ticket.

I have the same issue.  Repeated crashes after reoptimization, quality report, etc.  Both 4.4.12 and beta version.

Hi Bob, 

Can you create the support ticket so that we can further investigate the issue? Please don’t forget to attach the log files, quality report, .p4d files of the project.