Trial Version license Pix4D Mapper crashing during generation of the Quality Report of step 1.

I am using the trial license, but have downloaded the latest version of the Pix4D Mapper software. I am processing a dataset of images (961 images) and the software crashes at the end of step 1(Initial Processing). Thus not allowing me to proceed to step 2 (Point Cloud and Mesh). I have tried changing the Keypoints Image Scale to “Rapid” to see if that would help, and even did a Custom Setting of 1/2(original image size). The software is crashing during all three instances at the same place, which seems to be while generating the Quality Report, however when i look at the folder structure the Quality Report (PDF) is in there. I have uploaded the Log file and the Quality Report onto the support page, but I really need to get this answered before my trial license expires (2 days from today)… Please help!

Hi Matt,

Thank you for all the details you provided.

The best would be that we follow up by email. Could you please send a support request?

Could you please provide us so that we can investigate:

  • A screenshot of the error message (if applicable)
  • The quality report: …\Project_name\1_initial\report\Project_name_report.pdf
  • The project log file: …\Project_name\Project_name.txt
  • The project file (.p4d): …\Project_name.pd4


I have same problem with all latest Pix4D mapper versions

If it is what we think, when you relaunch the software, reopen the project and click on the button to display the Quality Report, the software should crash again. 

We suspect that the error is related to a specific .dll that is installed on the computer. The procedure to fix the issue is described in this article: