Pix4dmatic trial crashes after kicking off calibration process

Pix4dmatic is crashing every time I kick off the calibration process seconds after starting it. I am using a fairly high end processing machine that experiences no issues when processing the exact same project in Pix4DMapper. All of my imagery is fully calibrated, and I have nothing else running on he machine so have no clue what would be causing it to crash at this point. I have the newest version 15 day Pix4Dmatic trial (1.32) so wondering if that’s the issue.?.? I assumed the trial would allow full processing privileges.

Hi @curryc

That is strange indeed and should not happen. The trial gives access to all functions and even if it didn’t, the software is not supposed to crash. Thanks for letting us know.

For further investigation, we would need more information on the operating system, hardware, the project, etc…

For that, can you please share the log file of the project?

You can export a .zip file from Help > Export project logs…