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Pix4DMatic - Problem with calabration

Good Morning,

Yesterday, our team did not have a good experience testing the Pix4DMatic software… First, while this is not just a matic specific problem, we had a flyaway where our drone decided to try to create a map about a mile away from its assigned mission… If it wasn’t for me chasing the drone in my car at 60mph, it would be gone…

As per the flyaway, I later found that a background process in Pix4DCapture was trying to upload images from the drone was causing the application to crash and causing extreme battery drain… When the drone took off for the mission, the app crashed but quickly restarted, and it looked as if the drone was still flying to the starting location… but kept going, and the Abort process failed…

Then, when I took the new images that we had collected on a mission before the incident, and upload to Pix4Dmatic to combine with a previous flight… All the images appear in alignment, but when I calibrate the whole project turns sideways, and I cant seem to figure out a way to fix this issue…

My best guess is that the different flight altitudes, are messing us the calibration process somehow, but I don’t think that should be a problem…

Here is a screenshot of the issue:

Any ideas?

Thank you,


Hi @cj11,

I am sorry to hear about the flyaway of the drone.

As for the processing in Pix4Dmatic, on the screenshot it looks like the images were acquired on different heights. Is that the case or the same flight height was used for planning the mission?

In some cases, the image geotags are not written correctly by the drone and this can cause issues.

Did you try processing subflights in separate projects? Did you face the same issue?