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PIX4Dmapper v. 4.1.24 malfunction

Good morning,
this to report a problem we have encountered with your Pix4D capture software (v. 4.1.24).
In the last week of work we noticed that the software is no longer able to correctly process the ‘scattered point cloud’, after entering the G.C.P.
After several tests, we have ruled out that the problem concerns the drone or the GPS with which we detect the G.C.P.
We also tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, but this did not benefit.
Could this malfunction be due to the incompatibility of our software version with the current operating system, after recent updates?
We enclose the report of the processing of the same dataset, made one month later, with the same processing methods. We remind you that we have elaborated several datasets and all have had the same problem, with very high deviations on the accuracy of the G.C.P.
We also point out that we are not able to change the reference email of the account: the procedure is not successful. This prevented us from contacting you via dedicated support.
We look forward to your kind reply, pointing out the urgency of the matter.
Greetings211012_Mission01a_report.pdf (2.4 MB)
211116_Mission01a_report.pdf (2.3 MB)

Thanks for the reply,
unfortunately we have already done this type of test and it was not successful (we read it in the comunity forum).
We do not think the problem is related to the parameterization of the elaborations or to the datasets, but to the software itself. As can be seen from the reports sent, the same dataset processed in the same way a month later had the same problems.
The same problem was also encountered in other datasets used.
How can this situation be resolved?
Can we send you a dataset to be processed with a more recent version of the software, to understand if it may depend on this?
We sincerely thank you, looking forward to your kind reply.