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PIX4D Crashing after adding GCP's to Correct Height Issue

Please Help! I’ve been struggling with this problem for 3 days now and have posted multiple times and send enquiries but haven’t received any support.

Two days were spent collecting data with a Mavic Pro. Day one data (grid and some oblique) are fine, but the day two material isn’t aligned correctly vertically. As shown in this image below, the blue camera positions…

I’ve read a tonne of threads and instructions and have tried many avenues but I still can’t manage to solve the problem. I spent some time adding MTC’s to tidy things up and calibrate camera’s, which seems to have had a good impact on the Ray Cloud but still, the problem is still there.

One of the “solutions” to this issue was to add GCP’s. But upon adding 6 2D GCP’s the program crashes. And no, I’m not using an ATI GPU.

I really need help solving this, I’m trying to get a finished model done within my trial period to showcase to my employers in an effort to get an annual licence and justify spending more time with it but at this stage I’m fairly disappointed with the complete lack of support.

Really need help here.



Also, this is the output when I originally merged Day One and Day Two together as separate projects. Notice that the alignment of the camera’s and positions is true yet the actual ray cloud positions are higher? Clearly this signals the problem, how can i fix this?

I notice you flew a grid pattern and I assume you used Pix4D for this autonomous flight, correct?  And than I see you ahve many oblique images not in any pattern that are above the grid giving the result two levels, I assume you flew and captured these images using DJI Go 4 app?

I ask because I ran into the same issue where images captured using Pix4D and the Go 4 app would process on different vertical levels.  This happened last year for me and I am wracking my brain to see if I can determine the cause but at least want you to know you are not alone in this result.

I believe the issue has to do with how DJI drones log altitude information and how that is determined by Pix4D or something along those lines.

Hi there Mr. Bird,

You’re very correct, Pix4d for the grid and DJI GO 4 otherwise. However, the oblique images shown below the grid pattern were shot on day one and those above were shot on day two; both using Go 4 App. See this image where all of the images were processed as one project rather than merged. Only those images from Day Two have the problem.

Strange, trying to work through it with support at the moment. Can’t figure out how to fix it.