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Data input

Hi, I am nee to surveying with a drone.

I have flown a mission and got all the images required in. 3d mission,

I have 7 GCPs , I have tried uploading images and GCPs. However the trimble device records give an elevation from 47-50AOD. Over the seven points.

Yes the images in the model say -122 or something along them lines.

My model looks fairly good, DSM spot on, orthamosaics is great, yet Im not fully sure it’s all done correctly.

1 out 7 GCPs is off the survey boundary. However that should affect as I have 4 others with more than 3 images.

Could I have done anything wrong by mistake. ??? Are the elevations calibrated to a datum level. Or is it just the GPS signal giving elevation when image is captured.

I’m am only on the 14 day trial and I want to know it works first.  Can I export any files into AutoCAD or Less. If so what file type I’d required…   Help.  !!


Dji mavic pro device used.

Thanks for all or any feedback in advance.:grinning:

Hello Michael,

If you are flying with a DJI drone, most probably all of your altitude problems are due to the fact that DJI drones do not capture the altitude correctly. Sometimes there can be errors of more than 100 meters.

Please check in the Image Properties Editor if the altitude is correct. In case not, please type in the right one for all of the images.

Please let me know if this helps.


Hello Micheal,


  how you are designing a mission for land mapping ? ill it be a grid mission or a transect mission ? To generate a mission which is the most accurate way and map that i can follow to draw a mission ? Which map pix4d refer to generate the flight path ? If it is google, how accurate it is