Multiple Crashes

Hi there,

I am in trouble with this software, kept crashing in the middle of calibration, unfortunately I am trying to fix this issue in the last thee days in my license but these crashes wasted my license time. I used to work fine with the older version 1.54 but 3 days ago updated to its last version and things got worse from there. I tried everything I can focusing on graphic card, checking memory & storage but no solution. When I completely uninstall the software and reinstall version 1.54.3, roll back Nvidia driver to old version things improved in passing calibration stage but still crash during point cloud creation. I have many logs but I am attaching the last one. Can you help please. Pix4D should return my last 3 days as it was fighting with its crashes. I am seriously looking for alternative software.

Trying to upload the log it says “too big”!

Very annoying software.

Hello Mohsen,

Please note that I replied to your support request about this issue and we are currently looking at it.
I have also extended your PIX4Dmatic license to compensate for the lost days that PIX4Dmatic was not working for you.

Thank you for being patient with us. I am looking forward to hearing back from you.

Best regards,