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problem with photo interval

Hello everyone

Recently I have a problem with my interval between my photos.

He takes my photos correctly at the start of the mission, but the more I advance in the mission the more the images are shifted …

Drone used : Phantom 4 Advanced
Version Pix4Dcapture : 4.13.1

Has anyone ever had this problem?

Thanks for your help

Best regards

Hi @scalen, this was a known issue in the past but we do not have users contacting us regarding this recently. We recommend to:

  • Reformat the SD card with DJI app and always have the SD card empty for the first flight. If there are several flights in a row, deactivating automatic download of images from the drone to the device is preferable.
  • Double check DJI app is not running in the background when starting the mission.
  • When the drone takes the first pictures, switch to the Camera view. The screen should blink if the picture is effectively captured as the video feed is interrupted so the camera can shoot.
  • More generally it would be better to start a new mission from scratch (turn off the drone and controller, quit Pix4Dcapture).

More in the Pix4DCapture just skipping some photos? community post.


I have also been experiencing this recently after having no issues flying a Matrice 210 weekly all summer. First with captures that weren’t regularly-spaced on the grid, and my most recent flight it displayed the first few passes correctly and then showed only a few or zero captures on later ones (the RedEdge-M camera I use has its own GPS and triggers itself based on its own set of overlap and altitude settings, so those photo locations aren’t the same as pix4d capture’s).

hi everyone, i found the solution, just put the flight parameters in safe mode !!
Nice day everyone !