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Irregular Picture Intervals

I have been using the Capture App with a Phantom 4 and I fly close and always have good radio signal.  However, when flying the grid the App starts capturing pictures at the correct interval for 80% overlap, which in my last project equated to 14 pictures per line of grid.  But after the first 3 lines of the grid it would only capture 4 images per line, the camera was not firing to take the required 14 pictures.  This of course means my project cannot be processed.

Does anyone have a fix for this issue?  As mentioned, I never lose radio signal which Pix4D requires to initiate the camera for each picture.  I tried the same area last evening and today with the same grid and it only captures correctly for the first couple of lines of the grid and then randomly captures images along the lines after.


To further investigate the issue, it would be helpful for us to know the following information:

  • Are you using iOS or Android version of Capture?
  • Which drone were you using when you noticed the issue?
  • Also, does this issues happen every time you’re flying a mission or it happened only for a specific project/day/area/mission?
  • If the issue happened just for a specific mission, which were the mission charachteristics (dimensions, altitude, selected overlap)?



I am using the latest version of the iOS app and all of my firmware for my UAV is also up to date.  I am using the DJI Phantom 4.  It has occurred everytime I have been flying this specific mission in the same location, it captures the first 2 lines usually and then the others are sporatic.  But, I have also noticed the irregular picture intervals at every project I’ve collected, just not to this degree.  The worst project for this happening is flown at 190 feet, 80% overlap and the mission size only takes 9 mins to fly a Double Grid Mission, I don’t recall the exact dimensions but given it’s 9 mins to fly at Normal speed it’s not too large.  I never lose sight of the Phantom.

So, I’ve had this issue occur for all of my missions, just not to the degree of this specific mission.

I have had the exact issue flying an Inspire 1. I flew two flights without issue then all subesquent flights the day of and the day after had irregular intervals. I am experiencing this with both iOS and Android all on latest versions and latest firmware on the Inspire. Any news on this?

Here is a screenshot of what I experienced.

I have not had any resolution to this issue using Pix4D Capture. How I have solved it is to use a different capture App, I have started using Map Pilot. Since I have started collecting images using Map Pilot I have not had a single picture of the grid not be taken, I get full coverage every time. I still process the images using Pix4D but do not use the Capture App at present until this issue is resolved. Also, Map Pilot has Light Detection and adjusts the UAVs flight speed given the lighting conditions to ensure the resulting images are not blurry. With the Pix4D Capture App my UAV might fly 20 mph irregardless of lighting and all of my images would be blurry. Map pilot also has terrain awareness, irregular grids/polygon ability and you can make a large grid and fly multiple batteries to complete it and the UAV will continue where it left off, quite a useful App in my opinion.