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Irregular distances between pictures - P4Pro Pix4D capture

Hi there,

Before explaining the problem, here are the equipments and firmware/OS versions :

- Drone Phantom 4 Pro V01.05.0600

- App Pix4d capture: 4.10.0(11)

- Ipad mini 4 V13.4.1

Here is the problem, picture are taken at irregular frequencies, see image below :

The flight parameters were the following :

  • altitude 400’ AGL
  • Flight speed : average 7m/s
  • Front overlap : 80%
  • Side overlap : 70%
  • Angle camera 90°
  • Fast mode
  • White balance : Auto

After years of using pix4D capture it’s the first time the team has experienced such a problem.

Do you have any clue where this problem comes from?

Thank you in advance!

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