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pix4d is stopped taking pictures

we are using phantom 4,for last fews days we are facing the problem that pix4d is not taking pictures while running mission.sometimes,if there is 4 flight line in a mission for 2 flight line its takes picture properly for next 2 flight line it stopped taking picture.we can’t able to find that its is taking picture or not during mission.after reviewing the SD card then only we are came to noticed that half of the fight mission pictures are not taken.i dont know the reason for this pls suggest me an idea for this prblm.please overcome this kind of bugs.

We have encountered the same with a phantom 3 advanced which has now stopped taking pictures completely ! Anything back at all from PIX4D guys? We have used both android and IOS devices the same results.


Hi Vijayaraghavan and Michael,

Android Pix4Dcapture

With the Android app, the action to shoot a picture is based on a time lapse that relies on DJI firmware that transfers the orders from the app to the drone. It can happen that several images are missed. For some reasons, which happens time to time and randomly, the images are not captured as frequently as set by our app according the computed time interval. This unfortunately results in missing pictures. It seems like this problem is more frequent when the SD card of the drone already contains pictures. Therefore we would recommend to clear and reformat the SD card before flying a mission with Pix4Dcapture.

This issue should not be systematic so we believe that if you fly again it will not happen. The problem is related to the time interval when it is too short. To avoid it, we would suggest to increase the altitude of the flight, reduce the overlap or reduce the flight speed.

Our developers are currently fixing this problem with DJI drones and new Android version will soon be released, probably beginning of January at the latest.

iOS Pix4Dcapture

This applies only if the Fast Mode is active. By default, the Safe Mode is selected and this mode makes the drone takes pictures without waiting for a signal from the app. In this case, all pictures should be captured.

Gaps in the image acquisition can happen because of connection loss with the Fast Mode. The interactions between the drone and the app during a mission are as follows.

  1. The app receives the GPS location of the drone (drone >> phone).
  2. The app decides to take a picture according the new location, and asks the drone to do it (phone >> drone).
  3. The drone may or may not take a picture, even though usually it does.
  4. The drone sends back a message to say that the picture was taken (drone >> phone).
  5. The app shows the camera icon at the position of the drone when the message is received.

Therefore the camera icons on the flight track of the grid do not always correspond to the exact location of the photos where they were taken. Indeed some delays may happen in steps 1, 2 and 4 described above. Sometimes the app does not know whether an image was indeed taken (step 4) so the camera icon does not show up which explains gaps.

To know if the drone regularly took pictures, we suggest that you open Pix4D desktop on your computer and import the images that were saved onto the drone’s SD card. The images have accurate coordinates but not the icon on the Map view of the app.

Hope this helps to understand the situation.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


I’m having this issue.  Never before has the Phantom 4 not taken pictures.  Now, I can’t get it to take pictures at all.  I really need some help here! Has this been addressed by the software engineers?  Thanks.

Hi Leif,

You can find the latest information about the issue you described, in these community posts:

I was just flying commercially today in front of clients and Pix4D capture stopped taking photos.  It was a polygon mission at 200 above the building with 90/90 overlap.  It was working fine then just stopped after about 2 minutes and 10% completion.  I wasn’t able to complete the mission for the job.  Latest iOS 11 update on an iPhone 7 Plus with a Phantom 4 Pro fully updated on firmware.


  • Jon

Hi Jonathan,

Very sorry to hear this. Were you using the latest Pix4Dcapture version, 2.4.0?
If so, could you please submit a support request and provide all log files (learn more)?

Hi Julie

I am running a DJI 4 Advanced with uptodate software and downloaded the latest version (I am a trial user) of the Pix4D capture app.

I have tried 3 missions but the Pix4D app shows up an error when I come to download the images at the end of the mission.

Also I am also not getting any images when I click the camera icon when running the Pix4D capture app - ie is cannot see what it sees 

There are no images are stored on the SD card - I even brought a new card today.

The mission shows Icons that a picture has been captured, over 30

The drone is taking images, both still and vid

I have been through the help and  confirm its running in Fast mode

I can post the log file to you, please say where to send it

Thanks Mark …!

while flying autonomously it completed the mission but in some how in the middle drone icon got stuck and drone has completed the mission but after landing it still shows that drone is their why is that? 

Hi Depenshu,

I guess you experienced a lag here. It can happen from time to time depending on the mobile device you are using. It can be related to the mobile device itself as chipset/CPU architecture may probably induce this kind of behavior. It can also be related to the Android version installed on the phone/tablet. 

Are you using the iOS or Android version of Pix4Dcapture? What mobile device are you using?
From my understanding, the mission has successfully been flown despite the lag?

In case you are experiencing lag, we recommend the following workarounds:

  • Force quit and restart Pix4Dcapture between missions.
  • Plan smaller missions.
  • Restart from scratch between missions.
  • Try another mobile device to see if the lag is still occurring.