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P4PRO stopped image capturing, What did you concluded about that?

Hi comunity

I’, suffering issues on the Pix4D app … 50% of flights are failed by the sudden stop capturing photos; the last capture got stuck, the drone (Phantom 4 pro) continues the path but the photos are not taken. 


I have saw in this forum other people with the same issue, but with no answers yet too.

What is happening??? Is so frustrating this…

Please can Pix4D comments on this.

I flew multiple missions with a P4P this week. All firmware and software is up to date. It first gave me issues in the camera check box and asked that I restart software and drone which I did multiple times. Eventually it started working after the fifth attempt. DJI Go is used for the initial setup and is always closed before using pix4D.

The first mission flew a polygon grid requiring a 70% overlap and it landed up taking approximately 1% of the pics it was supposed to with zero overlap. I allowed it to finish the mission and it had taken 21 pics instead of hundred.

I then flew a second grid after restarting the drone and software and a more severe problem occurred. The exact problem Evelia had above. The drone flew half the grid taking the pics with perfect overlap. All of a sudden it said mission complete (about 30%) and the abort button disappeared. The drone continued flying on its grid but taking no pictures.I could not regain manual control of the drone. I eventually existed the Pix4D app mid flight and had to go into the DJI Go app and it showed it was running a pre-programmed grid. I was then able to cancel and regain manual control.

Please can you urgently respond as I am worried your app is going to land up in the drone crashing and causing serious harm

I have made multiple missions and at least half of them, the pictures are not taken.


Is there a service pack  or a bug fix to avoid this ?




Which operating system are you using Android or iOS? You are mentioning another post related to the issue that you are facing - could you send us the link?

At the moment we are investigating what could cause the issue you are facing. 

If the connection between the Pix4D capture and the controller is broken, e.g. the app closed, than the drone will continue the mission since it is already loaded (the waypoints to be followed) but the camera will not trigger pictures anymore. In this case it is only possible to take manual control using the controller to interrupt the mission.

Did you have the chance to try the app in the meantime? Does the issue persist?


There is a new version of the iOS app - did you have the chance to install it and check if the issue persist also with the latest version? 

You are mentioning that you use DJI GO. Check that the manufacturer’s app is not running in the background especially after connecting the device to the drone (force quit other apps).

Keep in mind that you can manually take over the drone by using the controller. 


Could you please let us know if you are using the Android or iOS version of the app?

i think the problem is the latency of the video transmition… if you run the DJI App the video is fine but if you force to close that app… and open Pix4d Capture… the video latency is so high and it will complicate the trigger mode… i solve that problem changing the radio channel in the DJI app from AUTO to other channel that works fine… and again… force to close that app… and open pix4d… and the video results more stable… i have a Phantom 3 Pro, Iphone 7s and the lastest firmware on both devices

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