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Pix4DCapture just skipping some photos?

Any idea why Capture just stops taking photos during a flight? As you can see from the image the spacing is pretty irregular also during “Normal” flight.

Hi Kevin,

Can you give a bit more information about what you experienced?

What is your configuration (Drone, camera, os)? 
Which version of Pix4Dcapture are you using? If iOS are you flying with the Fast mode or Safe mode to trigger pictures?

It looks typical from a connection loss with the drone on iOS using Fast mode to trigger pictures.


Sorry, I should have included that in the first post. 

Pix4dCapture 4.6.1

iOS flying in fast mode. So maybe that’s it. How are people flying large areas then using ipad? this is part of a 450acre project over beans and corn field. It was 3hours of flying in fast mode as is. Suggestions?

Are people having better luck using an Android tablet?



I have similar issue: 

I am also missing some photos from Pix4d polygon mission, though I was flying on “safe mode”. Earlier I was flying with “fast mode” and had missing photos too, so I had idea at that happened because of connection lost. So now I tried safe mode, but even more photos was not taken. 

It is relatively small area, so why is it happening? 

I use: Phantom 4 Pro with Ipad (iOS) and Pix4d Version 3.4.0 (9) 

(Mission: polygon, camera angle 90, overlap 80/80, Safe mode, drone speed Normal.)



Thank you for the additional information about your problem. This is likely due to the fact that your automated mission was piloted in fast mode. When your drone is flying a mission in fast mode Pix4Dcapture will tell your drone when to take a picture as it progresses through the automated mission. If there is a drop/interference in the communication between your drone and Pix4Dcapture, the signal of when to take a picture may not be received. When this communication is interrupted you are sometimes left with missing images and a lack of overlap. 

We do not expect this problem to occur regularly, as our team has found it difficult to reproduce. This problem has been discussed to a reasonable extent in the thread HERE. I encourage you to read over what other users have discussed and suggested as our team continues to look into this problem. 


Thank you for joining in on the conversation. Missing photos is not a common occurrence when utilizing “Safe Mode”, as this mode works differently than safe mode. I would like to discuss this further via an official support ticket. I will post the results/conclusion of the support ticket in this thread so other users can reference it.