[iOS] Some Images not acquired using Safe mode, P4P, M200 series

If Pix4D Capture was as good as desktop it would utopia!  But it’s not.  I having continued problems on every single flight with photos missing from the 2D mission.  I use a Phantom 4 Pro.  Today I had a 1 acre job for a parking lot survey.  I flew it in SAFE mode on the slowest speed and there were still missing photos.    

This seems to be a problem that has been going on for quite some time.  Any body else found a fix or work around for this?  Obviously one missing photo here and there is not a map breaker but this should not be happening.   Please let me know if there is a fix for this.



I meant to add that I am using an iPad Mini 4 with latest iOs.    P4P is on latest firmware as well.

@Gaël   can you provide any insight on this problem?   Will a new device help (ie iPad Pro)?  Will getting a signal booster help?  Any feedback on how to correct this problem will be appreciated.

Hello Tim,

Thank you for your explanations.
To answer your questions a new device won’t probably be useful for the issue you reported neither a signal booster as in SAFE mode the picture triggering is not relying on the connection between the remote controller and the drone.

It is a behavior that is not expected and it would be great if you can send us the logs of the missions where it happens. When sending them, please provide us the date and time of the flights if possible. You can find the procedure on how to extract the logs here.

I opened a ticket with you for this. If any info are relevant, I will share it publicly on this thread.


Hi Tim, Hi all,

The root cause has been identified and the issue described originates from DJI SDK.

From the Known issues of the DJI SDK V4.9 release note, the issue is stated as follows:

  • Photo shot miss during waypoint mission: On M200 series and Phantom 4 Pro, the camera may fail to shoot photos during a waypoint mission. This issue will be addressed by the future firmware.

We will keep you updated about the status of this issue on this thread.


Hi Gaël ,
Thanks for the followup.  One other problem that I am having and I am not sure if it is an SDK problem, is that the drone will fly a straight path in a mapping mission, but the P4P will yaw (rotate) substantially from the start point of the straight line to the end point.  So if the flight path is 100 yards, the Phantom 4 Pro will flight a straight line, but the drone will literally rotate 20-30° causing the images to be rotated as well.  I just got a second P4P and I am going to run two corridor missions today (one on each drone) to see if the rotation only occurs on the older drone.  

Many folks who do video work have complained of yawing problems on the P4P so I am not sure if this problem is related.  Since it is flying autonomously, it does continue to fly to the destination waypoint, just in a rotated position.  Let me know if you have any insight on this.

Thanks again for helping with the missing photos.


Hi Tim,

If my understanding is correct, it is the drone itself rotating while following the flight lines, the camera remains in its defined position?
Is this rotation occurring all the time? Using the Safe mode or Fast mode? Have you been able to identify a particular pattern about the behavior? The drone rotate during the flight or it is already rotated when starting the first picture acquisition?

So far, the behavior described has not been reported to us. In this case, following our basic checks and troubleshooting article, I would suggest you check the followings:

  • The drone’s camera and compass are calibrated.
  • No flight setting conflicts with the mission, including maximum altitude, beginner mode, geofences, etc.
  • Basic features are working properly:
    Manual takeoff and flying.
    Live video feed of the camera.
    Manual picture triggering.