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pix4dcloud trial - blue screen?

so i uploaded my first project, all went well, only 60 jpgs. viewed the 2d map made annotations, all worked well. after opeing up the project again (say after logging out) when i click on my project to view it, the screen is blank and blue?

Hi @vpaerialservices,
Could you post a screenshot of the interface here?
In addition, could you share some details of your browser (type and browser version)?

Could you also try to refresh the page if that happens again?

Thank you for responding, I do have it worked out. While I’m writing I have another question, I’m going between buying pix4dcloud or another service. Can I use gcp’s in pix4dcloud? I got the impression I had to also have mapper as well, which if is the case would be way too expensive.

Thank you


GCPs can be used with a Pix4Dcloud Advanced subscription or by using a combination of Pix4Dcloud & Pix4Dmapper.

Here are the instructions for using GCPs in both cases:

Let me know if you have any additional questions

Okay so just to confirm I can utilize gcp’s with just a subscription to pix4dcloud. Also I love how easy it is to share deliverables via url links, can you speak on how secure this is?

No, you CAN’T utilize GCPs with Pix4Dcloud only. With Pix4Dcloud Advanced only, you can utilize GCPs without needing Pix4Dmapper. Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dcloud Advanced are two different products.

Regarding Pix4Dcloud data security, this is what we currently offer:

  • end to end encryption (HTTPS) during transport.
  • Encryption at rest in S3 (using AWS service, meaning AWS has the key).
  • optional “confidential” on the account which means that Pix4D employees get no access to the data (except for a few admins). This is an option that you can ask me to enable for your projects.
  • GDPR compliant processes (see this post).

Pix4Dcloud sharing links can be activated or deactivated but cannot be protected by a password at the moment. Would you like share more details on your use case so that I can give you additional information on the functionality? Thanks

Thank you for all the information. I plan on taking the online course, doe it utilize the cloud or do I have download the software on my computer?



Are you referring to the Pix4Dmapper Essentials online course?

As mentioned in the FAQs, you will need:

  • A reliable internet connection to download the course materials.
  • A computer that meets the minimum hardware requirements to process projects. You can check if your computer supports the software by processing a free dataset.
  • A license to the software to access its full functionality.

My colleagues from Training will be able to provide you with more information the next week, if needed.