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Problem Uploading Images

Hello people,

When I hit the ‘+ Upload Images’  button the page doesn’t transfer me to the ‘Upload Images’ page. (Where I am able to upload the images, rename the project, etc.) I have tried with Google Chrome and with Safari many times and they both don’t work. Any thoughts of what could be happening? I am guessing this is not an issue with the Processing, but with the Cloud Web Platform. I need help as I need to process these projects as fast as possible!

Many thanks,

Hi José,

Sorry for that!

I also experiment a strange behavior with this menu right now. Did you try the blue “Upload Project” button instead as well? This one behaves correctly for me.

Hope it might help you until we release a fix later this morning.



I’ll investigate a bit further with your issue, to confirm it will solve it.

Me again,

I looked a bit further, and it seems you don’t have any active license at this time. You can check the status of your active license on the license page (

I am sorry, we should have warned about this issue when you clicked on the button in the first place.

We will improve the Cloud interface to explain license issue when a user wants to create a project shortly.

Have a nice day!


Okay, also

In Google Chrome, inside the project, when I hit ‘Images’ button it doesn’t show me the tab it normally does with Safari where it says ‘Drop JPEG or JPG or TIFF or TIF images here’. Just for you to know. I don’t have a problem using Safari for now.

Hi José,

Damn, you are out of luck… I cannot reproduce this error on my Chrome browser (version 61), anybody with the same issue around there?

I will keep my eyes open to see if anybody else face this issue.

Many thanks for reporting it here!

Best wishes,


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