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Error during the upload, please try again..

I can’t upload the images to the cloud server. From the 118 images, always failed. 3 seconds after i click the upload button. I’ve tried to log out, log in again, and close the app, wait for 15 minutes, and then i open it again, still failed. Need assistance.


Hi @jordy.yonathan,

A Pix4Dmapper trial license doesn’t allow you to use Pix4Dcloud too. You would need also a Pix4Dcloud Advanced trial to be able to directly upload to the cloud platform.

How can i get that advanced trial? Or how can i process the images captured?

Hi @jordy.yonathan,

I embedded a link in my previous reply. Here how to get a Pix4Dcloud Advanced trial: Pix4Dcloud Advanced trial.