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Error e0502b: Cannot upload project {name}. Project could not be created on the cloud

I have Pix4Ddiscovery desktop client and when I try to upload to the cloud I get the above message. (project name is W2-Internal). What is it telling me? Do I have to process the project again on line?

Thanks for your help.


Hi Robin, 

The upload to Pix4D Cloud is not available with Pix4Ddiscovery. You would need a paid license or a Trial version of the software. Here are the instructions on how to get one:

Hi there, 

I’m using Pix4Dmapper Pro but I’m also seeing his error. I’m not able to upload to the cloud. What could be causing this?

[Error]: Error e0502b:Project failed to upload. Project could not be created on Pix4D Cloud

Hi Drone View,

Pix4D Cloud processing is included with licenses that have an active Support and Upgrade subscription. As Pierangelo mentioned, the one exception to this rule is that processing with Pix4D Cloud is not available with licenses to Pix4Ddiscovery.

You can verify the status of your license at

Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any questions.