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Error e0502c

Dear Pix4d Team!

I got an error message when trying to upload my project to the cloud. I have merged two different projects and then I try to upload to the cloud.I get the error message on the attachment.I moved all the photos in the same folder.My photos are not the same name

Thanks for your help!

Hi Muhammet,

Thanks for the screenshot.

After moving your images to the same folder, have you deleted the images from the original folders? Because if not, then the original path may still be saved in the .p4d file. The order of operations would be to:

  1. Close the software.
  2. Copy all images from the different folders to one single folder.
  3. Delete all images remaining in the original folders.
  4. Open the project.
    A message will appear asking you to point the software to the new location of the images.
  5. Navigate to the new folder and click  OK.

This will update the image directory in the .p4d file of the project.