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Moving images to 1 folder after creating large project now can't find images

I have a very large project that consisted of about 7-8 smaller projects that all have been merged together using MTP’s. it’s taken quite awhile.

I now want to upload it to the cloud for our client to view the progress.

Here is my problem: I know all the images need to be in the same folder which they were not from the beginning due to organization of different sections of a scan that I was running to keep the projects separate. If I add all the images into the same folder I get some images that are duplicated with the number up to (5). I get the pop up that Pix’s cannot find the images. I point pix to the location of the folder with ALL the images and it just seems to continue to give me the same pop up. My worry is it is confussed due to the amount of duplicated images and cannot figure out which image to use throughout the process of it linking to the correct image for different areas of the now huge project. example; DJI_0021.JPG, DJI_0021 (2).JPG, DJI_0021 (3).JPG, DJI_0021 (4).JPG, DJI_0021 (5).JPG, DJI_0021 (6).JPG 


it continues to give me the pop up for finding the images location. if I point to the new folder it thinks for awhile then gives me the same pop up.


hoping to find a work around due to the fact of setting MANY MTP’s and multiple projects to get this HUGE corridor to line up correctly and tie together in 1 project.


thanks in advance,


I now have the project finding all the images in one folder but when I try to upload to the cloud now I get error: E0502c: cannot upload to cloud some images have the same name, but they don’t.



Hi Justin,

One of your collaborator already replied to you personally, but I think it worth to share the solution with the other users:

If you have not deleted the images from the original folder after moving the images to the same folder, then the original path may still be saved in the .p4d file. The order of operations would be to:

  1. Close the software.
  2. Copy all images from the different folders to one single folder.
  3. Delete all images remaining in the original folders.
  4. Open the project.
    A message will appear asking you to point the software to the new location of the images.
  5. Navigate to the new folder and click  OK.

This will update the image directory in the .p4d file of the project.

If you have already processed your project on the desktop, I would rather suggest uploading only results (How to upload results and outputs to the cloud) files and sharing it to your client. 

Please also notice that there is no limitation regarding the number of images to process on the Cloud or on the Desktop. However, Pix4D Cloud can process a dataset of about 1,000 images for an optimal experience with our servers. Please keep in mind that we expect from our users to respect our fair usage policy of the cloud (2500 images/month). Based on the fair usage policy and the server capacity, you can for instance process 2 projects of 1,200 images each in a month, plus some side small projects.