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Overlays Not Working

I’m trying to upload overlays to maps on Pix4d Cloud. All our maps are initially processed using Pix4d mapper then uploaded to the cloud. When we try to upload png/jpeg/pdf overlays, we just get a blank screen with the name of the ‘uploaded’ overlay. When we got to define the markers, we just get a blank screen. Therefore, when we go to align the overlay, with the map, we only see the red and blue crosses and no overlay. Thus, the process is impossible.

Pix4d suggested this may be due to internet connection. Having tested on 2 PC’s, 1 laptop and on 4 different internet connections (including 1 high speed optical connection) we still cant upload overlays.

Note, we can upload the exact same overlays to older maps on our account. It just seems to be the newer maps where the process fails. Anyone got any solutions?

Thank you for trying out using different working environments. Would you please let us know the name/ID of the project that has the overlays and the name/ID of the project that is failed to upload files? I would also like to know the coordinate system of the data. Other than that, if there are any differences between the projects, please let us know. It will be helpful to find the cause of the issue.

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