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How secure is Pix4Dcloud

I love how easy it is to share deliverables via url links, can you speak on how secure this is?

Hi I’m looking into using pix4dcloud. My question involves how secure it is. What happens to the photos/data when uploaded to the cloud for processing?


Regarding Pix4Dcloud data security, this is what we currently offer:

  • end to end encryption (HTTPS) during transport.
  • Encryption at rest in S3 (using AWS service, meaning AWS has the key).
  • optional “confidential” on the account which means that Pix4D employees get no access to the data (except for a few admins). This is an option that you can ask me to enable for your projects.
  • GDPR compliant processes (see this post).

Pix4Dcloud sharing links can be activated or deactivated but cannot be protected by a password at the moment.

You can also define your data privacy preferences from the Privacy section of your Pix4D account.

  • When you agree to share personalized analytics and diagnostics to help Pix4D improve your experience Pix4D may analyze your use of our products in order to improve the most used features and invest in developing new features. Pix4D may also reach out to you for early feedback regarding your experience.

  • When you agree to allow Pix4D algorithms to learn and improve from your project details Pix4D may improve its algorithms by using your project data as training data for machine learning. These algorithmic improvements speed up the performance and increases the quality of the results our products produce.

Would you like share more details on your use case so that I can give you additional information on the functionality? Thanks