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Important update just landed

A new Cloud release just landed!

It focuses mainly on improving the upload experience. We are now able to detect your upload speed better, and we adjust accordingly. On a fast internet connection, we upload multiple files at the same time to upload faster. If the upload speed drops for some reason, we lower the number of images uploaded in parallel, which should reduce the number of errors due to network connectivity issues.

We now also make use of the AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration , which should let you upload much faster than before. At this point, all our customers benefit from this new file transfer technology.

Speaking about S3, we also improved privacy and security by enabling server-side encryption for all your assets.


The Cloud team hopes that you will enjoy the upload speed boost and, please, feel free to share your feedback by commenting this post.


Detailed release notes (Nov 22th, 2017)


  • Number of simultaneous uploads is adjusted based on your measured upload speed to upload faster on fast internet connections and limit the risk of errors on slower ones,
  • Use AWS S3 Transfer Acceleration to speed up the uploads. You can benchmark the improvement from the AWS accelerate speed test comparison.

Secure storage:

  • To further improve data privacy, we now use S3 server-side encryptions on all uploaded files.


  • Added the possibility of zooming and panning images. Regression: full-screen images are a bit slower to load, we will address it soon.

Minor changes and improvements:

  • Clicking on an annotation in the annotations layer triggers the selection of the “Select & Modify” tool (Arrow) to make editing more intuitive.

  • Display the state of the trial license in the navigation drawer.

  • Upgraded OpenLayers to version 4.5.

  • Upgraded Angular to latest stable to reduce the size and load time of the application.

  • Improved the performance of the project list navigation.

  • Improved the performance of the Map and 3D model views, especially on Mozilla Firefox.

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed an issue which caused the 3D Model view to be loaded with the read-only URL.

  • Fixed the 3D measurement tools so that clicking outside of the 3D model doesn’t cause an error.

  • Fixed an issue which triggered an error when opening/closing the Sharing Dialog too quickly.

  • Added a min/max zoom to the maps so that they are always visible.

  • Fixed an animation in the 3D Model background color selector which prevented it from being closed after selecting a color.



Troubleshooting > Cannot access Pix4D Cloud, page does not load

After the recent cloud deployment, it might be needed to clear the cache memory of the web browser to be able to load e.g. a project’s page.
We will post update under this post as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Problem solved. We managed to turn your expired session into an infinite loop. Sorry for the weird wizardry. If your page is loading for 4 hours now, just reload it and it will work with the latest hotfix.

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