Cloud Computing Issues

Hello everyone,

I hope you’re all doing well. I wanted to reach out to the community as I’m currently facing an issue related to cloud computing and Pix4D, and I was hoping to find some guidance or assistance.

Recently, I’ve been using Pix4D, a popular photogrammetry software, for processing aerial imagery and generating high-resolution 3D models. Pix4D’s cloud computing capabilities have been quite useful for my projects, allowing me to offload the processing workload and benefit from faster results.

However, I’ve encountered a roadblock that I can’t seem to overcome. Whenever I try to utilize Pix4D’s cloud computing option, I experience significant delays in the processing time, or sometimes the process even fails altogether. This issue is affecting my project timelines and overall productivity.

I’ve double-checked my internet connection, which seems stable, and I have also ensured that I’m using the latest version of Pix4D. Despite these efforts, I continue to face this problem consistently. It’s frustrating, to say the least.

I’m reaching out to the community in the hope that someone might have encountered a similar issue or has some knowledge or insights into troubleshooting this problem. I would greatly appreciate any suggestions or advice you can provide to help me resolve this issue and optimize my cloud computing experience with Pix4D.

Here are some additional details that might be helpful:

I’m running Pix4D on a Windows 10 machine with sufficient system specifications to handle the software’s requirements.
I have a stable and high-speed internet connection, and other cloud-based applications perform well.
I’ve tried processing smaller datasets as a test, but the issue persists regardless of the project size.
I’ve reached out to Pix4D’s support team, but so far, I haven’t received a satisfactory solution.
If anyone has any insights, workarounds, or suggestions on how to tackle this issue, please share your thoughts. Your expertise and assistance would be invaluable to me and potentially others facing a similar problem.

Thank you all in advance for your time and support. I look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you for sharing. It’s good that you already check the internet. We need more information to investigate further (i.e. project links, quality report, etc).

May I ask if you could share with us a couple of project links to check? Especially the ones you were experiencing long processing time? We can also see from our side how long it is taking these projects to process.

I look forward to your reply.

Rosana (she/her)