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Dear Team,

i have been using the Pix4D Mapper since 2016 December and i found it very easy to use and fast to process high res. data, but now i am during the presentation i went through a problem which i am not sure i can get out but hopin if @team Pix4D help so the issue is "i processed the 2500 image captured from the DJI Phantom RTK drone on my laptop and my managment want to see, edit, measure the ortho & point cloud on Pix4D cloud (present at different location) without buying the Pix4D cloud licesence as we want to process the data on our system and want to share/edit/view on cloud, is it possible to process on system and then for view and edit we can upload the data on Pix4D cloud. so i am looking foward to this, if any one help me. A big thankyou in advance.strong text


Great that you find our product really useful, I would recommend you reading

Unfortunately, Uploading results from PIX4Dmapper to PIX4Dcloud contributes to the project allowance consumption. Deleting processed images or created projects will not revert the counting.

Can i get the trial for pix4d cloud to show for representation as if that will success then we can think of buying Pix4D cloud subscription

Hi @himalay.sharma ,

Can you please contact our Sales team and request a trial PIX4Dcloud license?


When loading a project in the 3D, I been getting a endless loading wheel. 2D loads find, but not 3D. Any suggestions? My project was working fine last night, and this morning I was not able to get it to load.

Hi @tpreston,

Thank you for your request. Could you please provide me with a link to your project? Which account did you use? I can’t find any PIX4Dcloud project linked to your account.

Is the issue happening with different browsers?

Dear Team,

Can any one suggest me the flying parameters for calculation of volume in coal stock pile and over burden (cut filling analysis) in Mines

for eg: -

  1. Height of Flying (Phantom 4 RTK) meter/feet
  2. Overlap Percentage (Side % / front %)
  3. Camera Angle (Degree)
  4. Speed of Drone (m/s or km/h or m/h)
  5. Mission Type (Double/Single)


Hi @himalay.sharma

here you can find our suggestions regarding selecting the right image acquisition plan type: