Mapper to Cloud Inspect/Image Sync

Please add the ability to process data on Desktop Mapper and upload to cloud AND include inspect with images.

This feature is currently available for Matic but not Mapper.

We really need this added to Mapper so we can process the data on Desktop, upload to Cloud Advanced and have our clients view the dataset in Mesh and Point Cloud and inspect the associated Images for reporting.

This is a must have feature.


Same here! We also would need that function!

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That is already possible if you do the following:


Hello Daniel,

Thank you for your response. I am aware that we can upload from mapper to cloud to process. That is not what I am asking to do. I would like to leverage the over $10,000 I have spend on Pix4d DESKTOP licenses to process on desktop and upload to cloud only for cloud sharing.

Right now, I can process a project on Matic Desktop and upload to cloud which enables the Inspect feature. On Mapper this does not work.

It would be extremely helpful to have this feature on Mapper since the reason I paid for all Desktop software was to get away from cloud processing fees.

Thank you.