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Will the Pix4D Mapper desktop app still work if I switch to the Pix4D Cloud Advanced subscription?

I currently have a Pix4D Mapper subscription with up to 2,500 images of cloud processing included. If I switch to the Pix4D Cloud Advanced subscription, will I lose the ability to use the desktop app?

If so, does the Cloud Advanced product allow me to merge projects using manual tie points?

If the desktop remains enabled, will I be able to upload projects from the desktop app to the Cloud Advanced site?



Hi Mike,

Pix4Dcloud Advanced only includes Cloud processing. Pix4Dcloud doesn’t support merging of projects.

A Pix4Dmapper license gives you the opportunity to process and generate results locally.

To be able to process locally and to use Pix4Dcloud, you need a combination of Pix4Dcloud and Pix4Dmapper licenses. You can build your plan from the subscription plan page.

You can reach out to our Sales team if you need more information. They will be happy to assist you!