Pix4D Cloud Advanced - subscription vs storage plan


We do all of the processing offline using Pix4DMapper.
When switching from our yearly cloud advanced rental license (240 uploads/datasets) to the new credit system, it is already confirmed by sales that uploading our own processed datasets uses no credits. Does this mean we can skip the cloud advanced subscription and just get a storage plan? For example: 2TB for 490€ yearly. After 5 years of using the cloud, there are a vast amount of datasets present on our cloud platform. Can I see how much storage we used?). Will these be counted in a new storage plan?

Thanks for clearing this up, we are eagerly waiting to renew our license.

Hello Benjamin,

Credits are consumed only when there is a process in the cloud. That means that if you process with your PIX4Dmapper license in your desktop computer and upload the results (Ortho, Point Cloud, DSM, etc) to a cloud project, that will not consume any credits.
However, if you create the project in PIX4Dmapper and upload to cloud for processing, as explained [here] (https://support.pix4d.com/hc/en-us/articles/202558589-How-to-upload-project-files-from-PIX4Dmapper-to-PIX4Dcloud ), in that case, credits will consumed.