Credits not used

I created project to cloud with 244 images. It doesn’t start processing. Page shows “Waiting for credits” I have 100 credits and it should be sufficient. What to do?


Nevermind it seems that you need to wait about 10 minutes.

Hi @Revi_Nordic ,

Thank you for sharing. Remember to also ensure to have stable internet.

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This credit thing is what made me cancel my subscription


Hi @lipe08,

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Is there anything particular about credits that you disliked?
If you are not using large frame cameras (~>20 megapixels), the new credit system should be more convenient: if you use small images, you pay quite less. Also, the unused credits remain after the expiration of the license period. With the previous system, unused allowance was lost at period end.


Hi! I am currently with the same problem, I have 2500 credits and still have the same wating for credits message. Can you help me?

Hi @martintaulis27 ,

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Once you add credits, the availability is not immediate, but it might take some minutes.

Can you please confirm it is working as expected now?

May I use your leftover credits?