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Issue with processing images in PIX3D cloud advanced


I am unable to start processing my 516 RGB images since I have 4662 of 5000 images processed
in my quota and I am getting the below message when I click start processing button.
“A dataset: “Project-2021-04-25” couldn’t be processed. You’ve run out of your cloud allowance for this period.”

Kindly I need your help since I am sure there is something wrong and I already rasied this to support but no reply so far .

Thanks in advance

I believe the issue is related to your cloud allowance. Please let us know if you haven’t gotten any response. There may be technical issues.

Kind regards,

Thanks Yuka for the response .
I think so also but my cloud allowance is 4662 of 5000 so still I have credit.
In addition I believe somethings is mixed up because I had a trial before then I upgrade and now I am getting messages that my trial will finish soon.

Actually I a working on project and I am 2 days behind because of this issue and no reply from the team till now .

Apologize for the inconvenience. According to our system, allowed images are 5000 but allowed images per project are 4000 with your license. Would that be correct? For clarification, I recommend contacting our sales team. They will get back to you shortly to determine how they can assist you best.

Warm regards,