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Processing step 2 and 3 in the cloud

I would like to know if I can process directly in the cloud step 2 point cloud and mesh and step 3 DSM, Orthomosaic and Index. Because step 1 initial processing I’m generating on the desktop, and my computer takes a long time to process step 2 and 3. And if possible what file do I add, and where do I add it?
Thank you

Hi Gustavo,

Yes, you can upload your project to Pix4D Cloud from Pix4D Desktop after processing step 1, but it is going to be fully re-processed (step 1, 2 and 3). Settings and enhancements added after step 1 (e.g. processing settings, GCPs, output coordinate system and processing area) will be taken into account for cloud processing.

A very common workflow is:

- At this point,_ _your project’s images and settings (including GCPs, MTPs, Checkpoints, processing area, …) will be uploaded to Pix4D Cloud for processing.

  • After the processing is completed on Pix4D Cloud, you can download single outputs or export the fully processed project back to Pix4D Desktop for further analysis: How to download results from the cloud.

Would this fit your current needs?



Is there any limit on the number of photos and / or the size of photos that can be exported?

Hi Vincent, 

If I correctly understood your question, you would like to know if there is a limit of the amount and size of images that can be uploaded to the Cloud for processing. Please explain me the question differently if this is not the case. 

At the moment there is no limit, but there is a fair usage policy of 15 projects/month of 150 images @ 15 MP with conditions that may change at any time. This information is also displayed here:


This is Caesar, writing in behalf of Stephen.

Since we are processing large amounts of images usually around 1,000 or more in a week, what would be the best option for Pix4d Cloud given that we are also processing in the Pix4D Desktop?  We are trying to hasten our processing time because we got quite a number of areas to cover on a weekly basis.

Please cc me when you reply:

Looking forward to your response.

Thank you,


Hello Caesar,

could you please contact our Sales Team for your case? They will advise you on the best way how to proceed.