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upload point cloud to pix4d cloud - can I process this into orthomosaic


My desktop computer for some reason fails every time I try to run step 3. So I uploaded my point cloud to the pix4d cloud in hopes that i can continue to process it there because I need an orthomosaic. 

Can pix4d cloud process off an uploaded point cloud? If i understand correctly the DSM and thus the ortho is built off the cloud so I’m hoping thats all the cloud needs. I cant upload all of my images because the count is over 11,000 which is beyond the monthly limit of 10,000. 

Hello David, 

Most of the failure in step 3 is due to lack of RAM. For a project size of 11,000 images, you would need suitable computer hardware to process your project. For more information, I would recommend you to go through our support article on System requirements: Minimum and recommended computer specifications.

To generate the orthomosaic, you have to upload all the images. If you only upload the point cloud, you will only be able to see the point cloud. Pix4D can’t generate the orthomosaic just from the uploaded point cloud. Just for your information, you can’t process 11,000 images in a single project on the Pix4d cloud. The maximum number of images that you can process per project is 4000. 

I would suggest you go through our support article on How to change the Processing Options to generate fewer 3D Points, which might be helpful for you.