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Maximum file size when uploading Pix4D desktop results to cloud?

I’ve been processing very large datasets on the Pix4D mapper desktop app. When I’m done, I want to upload the ortho to the cloud, so the client can view it easily. The biggest one is 7-something gigabytes… and when I uploaded it (correctly, without warnings), it said “error” when it was processing, without any explanation. Is there a max file size maybe?

From my experience, 4-6 GB is the limit for the ortho and DSM. I’ve been able to upload larger .las files though. You have two options, 1) change the ortho/DSM resolution in Step 3 or 2) use a 3rd party GIS application to resample the images prior to upload.

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Hi @Jan_Theeven,

There is no hard limit regarding the size of the uploaded file.
It is rather related to the web optimization processing time.
For example, an orthomosaic needs to be tiled in order to properly displayed on the Cloud.
However if this task exceed three hours the processing will be interrupted.
Unfortunately this is how our Cloud architecture is built.

In addition to @Andrew_Milanes suggestions, you can also use a processing area if you are only interested into one part of your output.


Thanks for your reply. I already used a processing area, as I don’t want to see the garbage around the edges of the AOI. It didn’t take more than three hours for the web optimisation; it already said “error” after a few minutes after I uploaded the ortho. So I guess @Andrew_Milanes is right and there is a max size. Already solved it by chopping it up into two projects and uploading them seperately to the cloud, as 2 projects as well.