Support for larger obj upload size

Currently the max upload size is 1GB for obj files, I would like to see support to increase that amount to 15GB. or the ability to upload multiple obj Files.

Thank you very much for the feedback Kevin!
I would like to understand a bit better the workflow that you follow? Do you process in PIX4Dmapper or PIX4Dmatic and then upload to PIX4Dcloud? Are you using the share2cloud feature from PIX4Dmatic? or how do you get such big meshes?

Thank you very much.

I process in Pix4dMatic, and then manually upload the data to the cloud through the web browser interface. I typically fly large areas with a lot of detail. I increase the triangle count to include as much detail as possible. I tried using the share2cloud feature, but I like to do data touch up after Matic and before I upload to cloud. I also haven’t found a way for share2cloud to upload to an already existing project. I typically will fly the same project on a regular interval.

I have the same issue while uploading orthomosaics and DSM. I process data in Pix4d Matic and usually my products excess max file size limit, even when I upload data directly from Pix4dMatic. My projects are typically about 1000-1200 photos from DJI P1. Even when file is smaller than that 7GB limit, product resolution is lowered. I’m very dissapointed about that.

I think it’s a problem with bad Pix4D Matic compression. Other programs can compress orthomosaics better. It would be nice to have ability to adjust GSD of final products like it was in Pix4D Mapper.