Need help with Pix4Dreact cloud uploads!

I have a Pix4Dreact account and after 8 or so uploads (so I can share my orthos to my clients) it would no longer let me upload my orthos to the cloud. I did some research and discovered there is a 5GB limitation but it doesn’t say that limitation is one time, weekly, monthly, yearly, etc. until it resets. Anyone have an answer for me?

Hi kkendall37,
The share to PIX4Dcloud option limits you to 5gb per project. If you share both the elevation model and the visual then combined they cannot exceed the 5gb max file size.

The limitation for monthly subscribers is 50 projects per month and yearly subscribers are limited to 600.

If you are still having issues then there might be a larger issue and I suggest submitting a support ticket.

My Pix4Dreact cloud uploads have been far less than 50 projects (more like 8) and they are all well under 5gb in size. It seemed to stop allowing uploads after a handful of projects. I am trying to find out if it’s a glitch in the program or if I have to purchase some other license, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I have a client waiting for their share link.