Disable Ability to Share to Cloud

I am looking to purchase Pix4DMatic, however I have one question. I believe that a licence of 4DMatic includes the ability to upload meshes to the cloud? In the industry I work in the data can’t be at risk of entering the cloud, firewall rules aside, is there anyway to prevent projects being able to be uploaded to the cloud, can it be disabled within an account? If not, can anyone suggest appropriate firewall rules that might mitigate the risk?

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Yes, PIX4Dmatic includes the possibility to upload results to PIX4Dcloud for sharing. This is however not done automatically and a user needs to actively click on image and fill in a dialog before the data is uploaded.

Additionally, once the data is uploaded, you still need to activate the sharing link in order to make the project public:

Considering the number of projects a specific license can upload:

  • PIX4Dmatic monthly billing subscribers can create 1 project per month.
  • PIX4Dmatic yearly billing subscribers and perpetual license users with active S&U can create up to 12 projects per year.)

You could also upload 1 dummy project per month, or 12 dummy project per year in order to fill you allowance, so that you are not allowed to upload more. This will de facto block further upload.

Otherwise, you can also consider working completely offline on a device that never connects to the internet. To achieve this, you need an offline license. More information can be found here:

Let me know if you are interested in an offline license as these are not available on our e-commerce site.

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