Pix4D Project Upload without Images in Connector

We’ve recently upgraded our internet to something that can manage uploads of projects from the office (remote area, finally able to access Starlink) and I was experimenting with Pix4D Connector to get the data on the cloud. I would like to upload the Pix4D Mapper processed outputs as I need to manage geoid heights and use custom processing instructions, however if I try to upload the project without uploading Images it does two things.

  1. Posts a warning that "Virtual Inspector is not available without input images.
  2. Says “Creating in progress” and then fails to create or upload anything.

If I select images it will upload, but it appears to also begin using the images to re-process the data and it is unclear to me if it subsequently generates new inputs rather than uses the point cloud, 3d mesh and dsm that I have uploaded.

I do not need the images stored on the cloud, nor is the ratio of photos to datasets equivalent that I can afford to put all of them on there (240 data sets versus 30,000 images yields only 125 per project when I’m dealing with 400-1000). I do not want to have to upload images to access my point clouds but it seems I cannot use connector currently unless I also upload all images.

Is this a glitch?

I can get the projects there if I manually do it through the cloud interface, but I had hoped to switch to Connector for it’s easy drag and drop of the .p4d file.