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No 3D MODEL on Cloud project

I completed a project on Desktop Mapper that included GPCs and also a processing boundary.  It worked fine for all three steps of processing.  I then uploaded the project to PIX4D Cloud Mapper from Desktop Mapper.  I processed on the Cloud.  The cloud result retained all of the GCPs and check points, and the MAP view looks fine.  There is no 3D MODEL view however.  What happened?

Here is the project in question"


Hi Mark,

please have a look at the article Output is not displayed / feature is missing in the cloud. From the log file of the project, I can notice that in the Processing Options the LAS format for the point cloud and the OBJ format for the 3D Textured Mesh were not selected. This is the reason why the 3D outputs have not been generated.



Thanks.  I must have disabled the required output files.

This brings up a related question.  I added the required output files on PIX4D Desktop Mapper in the processing settings.  I now need to trigger the Cloud to reprocess.  I do not however want to re-upload all the images again, and would like it to run only those tasks that need to be changed.

Another related example is if I have uploaded to the cloud and processed, and then later decide to add a “processing area” to restrict the maps.

How can I do this?  If I up “upload project” I think that it needlessly uploads all the images again, and also runs all steps again.  Am I correct?



Every time the project files are uploaded from desktop to cloud, the cloud will start processing anyway from Step 1. Then there is no other option than reprocessing from scratch if you want either to change the processing options or add a processing area at the moment.