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cloud processing

I have Uploaded a project of 1500 images in cloud. The Process have completed but point cloud does not generated. What is the  problem? How to rectify it?


Could you let us know how you uploaded the images to Pix4D Cloud? I am assuming you created a project directly on the cloud.
In that case, a default processing template is applied (more information here). In these default processing templates applied on the cloud, the option Merge Tiles into One File which is required to export a file of the merged point cloud is not enabled. And when this options is not enabled, the point cloud is exported only in tiles and cannot be downloaded from the cloud as a single file.
As a consequence, the point cloud is displayed in your cloud project, but not available for individual download.

You have two options:

  • Download the whole results folder of your cloud project. For this, click the button  Export to Pix4D Desktop.
    You will find the tiles of the point cloud in project_name_full\project_name\2_densification\point_cloud\tiles.
  • Open the project on the desktop (by either creating it from scratch or downloading if from the cloud), change the processing options and upload it again to the cloud for processing (learn how here). 

Let me know if your issue is different.

Enjoy Pix4D :slight_smile:

Hi Selvakumar,

Check out my answer above - I updated it!

Let me know if you have any questions.