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Replacing point cloud in cloud

I’ve downloaded and edited a cloud processed project. I want to now upload the edited pointcloud which I did on PIX4D Desktop. When I click the replace button (in cloud) and go to upload the las file, there are more than one las files, 7 in fact (………part_1.obj …….part_2.obj etc) Do I click replace and upload each one separately? Thanks

Hi Kyle, you will need to merge the tiles of the point cloud and then upload as Pix4D cloud only accepts one las file when you upload: Since you have already edited the point cloud, you have to save the project and then export cloud with the second method:

  1. Click View > rayCloud .
  2. On the left sidebar, expand the Point Clouds layer and then the Densified Point Cloud list and right click on the densified point cloud to be merged.
  3. Click Export Point Cloud… , the Export Point Cloud pop-up appears.
  4. Select Merge Tiles Into One File to export the point cloud into one file.