Point Cloud as ZIP-File Upload

I have already uploaded my Project to Pix4Dcloud. Aftwerwords I did some reprocessing work with another software (Trimble Besiness center).
Now I would like to upload the new Pointcloud file to my projekt.
What should I but in the ZIP-File to upload it successfully to my old project.

Hi Philipp,
You do not need to zip up your file. You can simply upload a new copy of the point cloud as long as it is in the LAS or LAZ format.

Hi Mike,
As I download it as a (LAS or LAZ), not ZIP file, it gives me a message, that I selected wrong data type.
Also I but both files in a ZIP.file and uploaded it, It’s accepted the ZIP.File but did’t activate it in the Project, as it keeps the old one. Even if I waited for one hour.

I meant data replace not Download

Hi @philipp.schneider

PIX4Dcloud can accept only one point cloud file per project, if the zip file contains more than one file is not supported by the system.

If you continue to experience problems, I recommend opening a support ticket and sending us additional information:
-project URL

  • the zip file you are trying to import or replace in the project.

Have a very nice day!

best regards